Moving is usually stressful, especially when you fail to plan accordingly. There are different mistakes you are likely to make that will hamper your smooth move to a new location. Hiring a moving service is one of the things you should do to ensure everything sails through smoothly. Transport Executive is the perfect van rental service you can hire for your move in Worcester. The following are mistakes you should avoid during your move.

Not Organizing Your Boxes

It’s tempting, but it’s the first mistake. You shouldn’t start throwing things at random in the boxes to get rid of them. Some people think that whatever they put in their boxes will arrive, so there is no reason to bother putting everything away.

Balance your boxes and create a checklist to check the contents of each box. This will allow you not to forget anything. Also, note practical information on each box, for example, “shower towels, bathroom.” For fragile objects, do not hesitate to pack them individually to limit breakage when moving.

Filling the Boxes to the Brim

Filling your boxes 100% is the guarantee of having a blocked back the same evening! This is a very common mistake for a first move because people think they save time by having fewer boxes. You should distribute the content in a balanced way between your boxes: do not put your dictionaries with your grandmother’s trinkets, for example.

Disassembling Your Furniture Without Knowing How to Put it Back Together

Everyone made this mistake: This piece of furniture was easy to disassemble, and we think it will be easy to assemble as well. Very common mistake! Especially with furniture that has a lot of parts. Result? You no longer know what to do with screws, nuts, and other tools that are essential for your furniture. You should not throw away the assembly manuals and take pictures of the disassembly steps. If possible, do not disassemble them, and you will save time.

Not Sorting Your Items

Failure to sort your items before moving is another mistake you are likely to make. You may find yourself settling into a new home with things you no longer need or don’t find useful. Always take your time to sort out your items before your move. The best option is to start organizing your items days or weeks before your move. This will ensure everything is in order. You should also take an inventory of your items.

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