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Choosing an Inflatable Hot Tub Your Family Will Adore

Nothing beats the feeling of sinking yourself in a hot tub after a busy day at work. It is not always about you; you also need to think about your family. Will you be able to spend timeless moments together? Will they be able to enjoy it when you are still at work? It would help if you asked yourself such questions before you start shopping for an inflatable hot tub from And here are some tips to help you choose the best model for your family.  home tub

Pay Attention to the Size

Inflatable hot tubs come in different sizes. Ideally, it is not always about the dimensions but the number of occupants that can occupy the hot tub at any given time: some hot tub variants suit two, four, six, eight, or more people. You can tell the number of occupants by looking at the product descriptions. You can buy a tub that can accommodate all your family members together. But if you need more space to play, purchase one that can accommodate more people.

Consider the Shape

Just like with sizing, inflatable hot tubs come in different shapes. The most popular shapes in the market include round and square. The shape chosen is often determined by your space requirements. Homeowners with space restrictions prefer square inflatable tubs, whereas those with plenty of space might fancy a rounded tub. Besides just looking at the shape, you also need to measure the area you intend to place the hot tub and then get something that fits your preferred location.

Pay Attention to the Jet Type

Most inflatable hot tubs in the market come with bubble jets. You can have some tubs having rejuvenating bubbles from the base and others having hydro jets. Ideally, tubs with rejuvenating bubbles are sufficient for any family. On the other hand, hydro jets are a premium feature and are mostly found in hot tubs used for hydrotherapy.


You also need to think about money. How much does the tub cost? Are there cheaper alternatives? And what value for money does it offer? Always pay attention to your purchasing power, and ensure that the hot tubs give you value for your money. This means that as much as you cannot purchase high-end tubs with premium features, go for what you can afford, even if it means saving for it.

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Top Benefits of Variable-Speed Pool Pumps

If you have been thinking about purchasing a variable-speed pool pump, you may have heard that it can save you a lot of money on the energy costs. However, you are not yet convinced that the potential savings are worth the tag price.

The variable-speed pump allows you to control the speed. Ideally, they are energy-efficient pumps that are powered by a different type of motor known as permanent magnet motor. In fact, the type of motor is quite useful in magnetic resonance imaging and electric cars. You will find it to be more efficient as compared to induction motors used in dual-speed and single-speed pumps. These are some of the benefits of variable-speed pool pumps.

Consume Less Power

girl in a swimming poolAs you know, pumps do not have to run at full power to keep the pool water clean. When you filter your water, the pump can run at a slower speed than when carrying out more demanding jobs like running water feature. You should note that when you buy a variable-speed pool pump, you will need to pay a high up-front cost. Fortunately, you can enjoy savings over time.

Help Avoid Fines

As you know, energy laws vary from one state to another. The laws are formulated and are part of building codes, which must be enforced. The result is hefty fines when violated. Thus, if you are buying a new one, ensure you get a variable-speed pool pump. Ensure you check local laws on energy and pool pumps to ensure you are in compliance. If you are not aware of these laws, you should consult a pool professional.

Get Money Back

When you purchase a variable-speed pump, you can qualify for the incentives like utility rebates. Sometimes, power companies offer rebates to help pool owners to reduce their power consumption by utilizing energy-efficient appliances and even make the right choices. That enables the utilities to meet legal obligations.

Less Noise

You can set the variable-speed pump to run at low speed during the night. That will result in less noise that will not disturb your sleep. Thus, you will save money and avoid confrontation with sleep-deprived neighbors. Some of the pumps have even built-in programming functions that render them energy-efficient.…

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